Our activities

Free medical convoys

Over the years, we have provided a number of medical convoys throughout Egypt to our people, providing screening and examination campaigns and providing appropriate treatment.
For every case, we intend in the future to conduct hundreds of medical convoys in the countryside and Upper Egypt.

Helping blind people engage in society

The blind person, like other citizens, has rights, and therefore we must cooperate with him to integrate into society like other sighted people.

Community development and training

This role, which we aspire to in the coming years, is to carry out community development work for young people and women to develop in all aspects of professional life, such as training courses in sewing or embroidery to find suitable job opportunities and open new horizons for them, and try to help develop schools and hospitals, and also train young people to find suitable job opportunities for them. .

Awareness and education campaigns

We will conduct awareness and education campaigns through public seminars and conferences, as we did at the 2020 Sighted Children Conference.

Visits to orphanages and the elderly

Orphans and the elderly have a right on us religiously and socially, so we intend to make periodic visits to orphanages and the elderly to examine and check on their eyes and provide what we can to them, God willing.